Thorough E Cigarettes Reviews And Good Planning Can Help You Reduce Your Nicotine Intake

Lots of people have tried e cigs but been disappointed. The reason for this is that they have picked up a cheap e cig at a convenience store on impulse rather than taking the time to select a high quality e cig. To choose the e cig brand that is just right for you, the best thing is to visit some very complete e cigarettes review websites and compare the top brands side by side.

Choosing to use e cigs or some other nicotine replacement product is called nicotine reduction therapy (NRT). It’s a smart way for smokers to begin taking control of their health by eliminating their intake of tobacco products and all the poisons they contain. E cigs, nicotine patches, and lozenges and gum containing nicotine can all be used for NRT. It is important to remember that you must get the patch from your doctor, and if you use the patch you can’t use any other form of nicotine. Gum, lozenges and e cigs can be used alternately as long as you aren’t using a patch. The downside of patches, gum and lozenges is that they only deliver nicotine. They do not provide hand to mouth activity. Gum and lozenges do provide some oral gratification, but it’s not the same as cigarettes. E cigs provide the whole package: Nicotine, hand to mouth action and oral gratification. You can also choose from lots of great flavors with e cigs and completely control the amount of nicotine you use.

If you decide to use e cigs, be sure to visit some of the top e cigarettes review websites to compare brands, models, technology, nicotine levels, prices, flavors and so on. You’ll see that you can get much better value buying e cigs online. This is especially true when you can use coupon codes to get money off.

Once you’ve decided on a brand of e cigs and placed your order, do some things to organize your life and prepare to stop smoking and start vaping. You may want to get some gum and/or lozenges to start transitioning before your e cig starter kit arrives. Also, think of ways to reduce stress in your life and handle the stress you can’t eliminate easily. You might want to take up swimming or cycling or just walking around your neighborhood every day. Take some time to meditate or listen to quiet music and get your thoughts in order daily. All this will help you make the transition from smoker to vaper.

Understand that making this change may be challenging, but if you begin by making the right e cig choice with help from complete e cigarettes reviews you’ll be off to a good start. Give yourself time and don’t be too hard on yourself. Be sure to take care of your health and get plenty of fresh air, exercise and good sleep. Soon you’ll be able to say you have left tobacco cigarettes behind for good.